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Margintraders makes use of cookies on its website. These are small text files that are stored on your computer.

What do these files do?
In short, they make it easier for you to use our website (e.g. not repeatedly entering the same data) and easier for us to reach you after you have been on our website (e.g. by subsequently sending you an offer via Facebook). Where we talk about "cookies" below, we also mean other similar techniques.

Accept cookies
To have the best experience with our website, we recommend that you accept cookies. Cookies do not compromise the security of your computer. You can accept (or disable) cookies via the notification on your first visit. Or, if you have not accepted them for example, via the browser settings.
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On uses the analytical and marketing cookies below.
Analytical cookies
Margintraders tries to make your experience with our website as good and optimal as possible. This is only possible if we know what our visitors do on the website. And therefore to post more of what is liked, and less of what is not liked.

Google Analytics
Purpose: through Google Analytics we know how you came to the website and how you use it. We use these statistics to continuously improve the website, so you have the best possible experience on our website. This cookie comes from Google and is stored for a maximum of 26 months.
More information: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

Marketing cookies
Margintraders also advertises. We prefer to do that with targeted offers that really benefit you. Instead of bothering you with an irrelevant ad. The marketing cookies help us to show you the offers that make you happy.

Social media buttons
Would you like to share a page of this website on social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn? Or watch a video on Youtube or Vimeo which is on the website? Or give a like to our Facebook page via this website?
At that moment you are actually using the services of this external (social media) party. These elements are placed on our website using the so-called 'embed' technique, but the activity actually takes place on the website of this third party. Your anonymous (!) data will be shared with these parties at that moment. From that moment on we have no influence on the cookies and/or their content that they use at that moment. It is best to consult the privacy and/or cookie statement of the parties concerned. See a.o:

Can this cookie policy be altered?
This cookie policy may be modified in the interim to reflect changes, the up-to-date version can always be found via this link.

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