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15 July 2021
Trading position size

The importance of the correct position size To find the correct position size is something that traders often forget to use. It is not unusual that many traders are using a random position size for their trades. They decide to use a bigger position if they feel that a trade is more likely to make […]

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16 June 2021
Trading journal

What is a trading journal? A trading journal is a kind of "diary" in which you keep track of your trades. Keeping track of a journal is a decisive factor in whether you will become a consistently profitable trader or not. It does not matter if you are a swing, day or scalp trader. Becoming […]

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15 June 2021
Emotional risk management

The importance of emotional risk management We are fully aware of the fact that we push you to the limit to fully understand risk management. In our briefings, here in the channels and also in our Trading Room. But there is even more! Have you ever heard of emotional risk management? Primarily it is about […]

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14 June 2021
DeFi tokens

What are DeFi tokens? For several months now, DeFi is a term which can no longer be ignored. You read about DeFi everywhere, but what does it mean and what does it stand for? DeFi is directly related to financial smart contracts, decentralised applications (DAapps), and protocols that are unique to Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency […]

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14 June 2021
Leverage trading

What exactly is leverage trading? When trading with leverage, borrowed money is used to increase one’s trading position. The result is you will have a larger position than what would be available through your own portfolio. Exchanges allow the use of leverage trading whereby the exchange themself will provide the borrowed funds. Please beware, trading […]

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13 June 2021
Trading the Value Area

Our team often trades Bitcoin on Daily/Short term base based on the Value Area’s. We read them in Trading View and Exo charts, and we often show the Value Area on the charts we share with you in our Briefings and Daily updates. The Value Area is a range of prices where most trading volume […]

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12 May 2021

Every trade has a so-called “Risk”. Of course we want to win every trade but unfortunately this is not going to happen in the world of trading. Determining and calculating risk is therefore important, whether or not the most important and is underestimated and not understood by many. Risk is the maximum amount that we […]

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