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About Margin Traders

We are Margin Traders. A team of experienced and enthusiastic traders who share their visions and trading setups with their members.
We don't just give signals. We know it's not a winning trade or big PNL’s that give you actually profit. It's hard to follow and do the right thing and make money from it.
We calculate risk. We provide you with the right information. Position sizing and leverage. Every signal is a tradesetup. A plan we as full time traders follow.
We know how to help because of our experience. We trade this market everyday and helped alot of new traders. We only show you our own trades and guide you on your way being a trader. It's not easy, failing is. We will lose, we will win. But in the end we make money consistently.

If you need more information about how we work or who we are? Feel free to contact us.

Margin Traders

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The set-ups we provide in our channels will always be with the correct trading rules, calculated Risk Reward and with the correct mindset in these high risk markets! In our weekly briefings we tell you what we see, how we approach the market. We will only take the trade set-ups with the highest probalities that follow out of our technical analyses.

We are Margin Traders


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Margin Traders
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