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We are not a signal provider that trades random Altcoins. We share our own trade setups with you as a team.

Altcoins are rocketing double digits everywhere. This is not what we are looking at or concerned with.

It makes no sense at all to spread your capital over to many different coins. If your spread is too large, your capital per currency is too small. It is also not possible to properly monitor this and manage the trades.

We only trade our fixed pairings in bull and bear markets. The main focus within crypto is always Bitcoin and a handful of Altcoins that we monitor.

We have no love for a coin. We don't care about fud, hype or other influences. We care about the technical data that the chart gives us. This is very profitable if you respect the Technical Analyses.

We play a mathematical game of odds and probabilities. What you MUST respect is that the outcome is always random. We cannot know what the price is going to do. Nobody can, even though we can hit a entry  to the dollar. Anyway, that's why we are Margin traders ;)

Understand that there is a difference between investing and trading, hobby and professional. Ask yourself: What do you want to achieve?

Despite our way of working, we try to present these setups to you as well as possible, our own ideas and trades. This has resulted in very good earning rates and portfolio growth. We are proud of these numbers and we hope you are happy with us as a team and a part of Margin traders.

Margin Traders
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